Installing  The Traffic Addon

Make sure the main Fresh A.I. plugin is installed and activated on your website.

This Traffic Addon requires Fresh A.I. plugin to be active on your website, so please make sure you install and activate the main plugin before installing this Traffic Addon.

After Fresh A.I. Main Plugin is activated, then you can install this Traffic Addon on your website:

1.) On your WP website, visit the Plugins menu -> Add New

2.) Click the "Upload Plugin" button

3.) Browse the "fresh-ai-trafficmagnet" ZIP file on your drive, and click "Install Now" button

4.) After the plugin is installed, activate the plugin right away.

Using Fresh A.I. Traffic Addon

To start using this Traffic Addon on your website:


Navigate to Posts or Pages menu -> Add New.


Add a Title for the content, and if you want you can also insert some paragraphs, images, etc. inside the content editor.


Click/toggle the Gutenberg block and select "Shortcode"

Image - Screenshot


Drag the "Shortcode" block anywhere inside the content editor, and insert this inside:


Image - Screenshot


When everything is ready, hit the PUBLISH button.

Once you do that, then your website will have the AI Content Maker tools ready for anyone to use - so start promoting and sharing that Post/Page to anyone and on social media to get the viral power of word-of-mouth kicks in!

Monetizing The Content

I do recommended to monetize that AI Content Maker Post/Page.

That way, even though people can use that AI Content Maker tools on your website for free, you will also get some compensation out of them.

You can monetize it with any offer - such as Adsense ads, banner or any advertisement code that you want. Here is how to do that..


From the Post/Page editor block, open the Gutenberg block


Search or select for "Custom HTML" block.

Image - Screenshot

Drag & drop that "Custom HTML" block anywhere into the editor. You can put it above the Traffic Shortcode, below it or even both.


Insert your advertisement code into that "Custom HTML" block.

Image - Screenshot

And DONE - the content will now be monetized with your advertisement code.

Check out this demo preview from my website:


Image - Screenshot


Image - Screenshot

Common Issue, FAQs & Troubleshooting

The Advertisement Don't Show Up On the Frontend?

If you have an AdBlocker on your browser, try to deactivate it.

I Have Added the Shortcode inside My Content, But the AI Writer Tools Doesn't Show Up

There are two ways to troubleshooting this issue:

1. Make sure the shortcode is correct, which is [fresh-ai-writer] and it should be added with the "Shortcode" block on Gutenberg.

2. Make sure both the Fresh AI Main Plugin and Fresh AI Traffic should be active on your website.

Sometimes It Takes >10 Seconds to Generate The Content?

The content and image generations are all happens thru OpenAI server, and the duration for every content request will be vary.

Please check the OpenAI Uptime Status here and also make sure you don't exceed the "API request per minute" here.

How Do I Update Fresh AI Traffic to The Latest Version?

1.) Download the latest purchase file from your WarriorPlus or JVZoo account
2.) Unzip/extract that purchase file
3.) On your WP website, visit the Plugins menu -> Add New
4.) Click the "Upload Plugin" button
5.) Browse the latest plugin version ZIP file from your drive, and click "Install Now" button
6.) When you see a notice "Destination folder already exists", click the "Replace current with uploaded" button

Contact Support

Got any questions, feature requests or need personal assistance from us? Then please feel welcome to get in touch with us here:

Thank You for Using Fresh A.I.

I created Fresh A.I. to help making many marketers' life easier. May your business grows higher this year, than ever before! Enjoy and let me know if you need any assistance.

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